Greetings Tiny Earthlings!

Okay, so you new and returning students aren’t exactly aliens… but I have to admit, sometimes we townies sort of wonder, what with all the gawking, and wandering into the road without looking, and driving like chipmunks on crack.

You’re back! We’re so…. um…. grateful for the economic well being you bring our lovely town (she says with a only slightly manic smile). Seriously, while the first few weeks are a little crazy, most of us enjoy the vibrance of student life in town.

Most of the returning students have ferreted out many of the great places to eat in the area, especially downtown of course. Shakespeare’s, Flat Branch, etc. will be hitting peak. There are a few more downtown places you should check out: Bleu, Broadway Brewery, Taj Mahal, Ernie’s Diner, and Casablanca. But this post is mostly about places outside the downtown area and a little less well-known that newbies should definitely make an effort to find. I’m going to list a few, and hope the readers come up with other suggestions. These are in no particular order, just as I think of them.

Sophia’s, off of South Providence, on the right just after the intersection with Nifong. Casual upscale, with pastas and some small plates. Can’t really call it pure “Italian.” My favorite is the filet porto, an amazing 4 oz of filet mignon with a port wine reduction and blue cheese. I also love their chicken mudega; very lightly breaded chicken breast and prosciutto with mushrooms and a delectable sauce over angel hair pasta.

La Terraza, south off of Nifong, the best sit down Mexican in town (though the Pepe’s truck is the best truck Mexican and a must try as well). Try a Sopas al Pastor or the Deluxe Molcajete (which easily serves 2).

Oasis Cafe, on the East side in the Broadway shops. My new “go to” place for middle eastern food. I used to think Casablanca had the best hummus in town; no more. I love both their gyros salad and the chicken schwarma. Very inexpensive for a great amount of food, I usually have enough left over for another meal.

Okii Mama, off of Nifong near the south side Panera. I totally adore their coconut curry chicken and their green beans.

Buckingham’s, on Buttonwood, again South side of town. Try their pulled pork or smoked turkey or ribs… heck, it’s all good.

Abigails, in Rocheport, MO. A great little restaurant in the historic downtown. The menu changes every day, depending on what Todd comes up with and what’s fresh and local. Susan’s homemade desserts just have to be seen to be believed. It’s reservation only, but so worth the trip West. Take a bike ride on the Katy and enjoy Abigails for dinner; a perfect day.

That’s a start. Readers, weigh in, what am I missing?


  1. Though it’s not a restaurant, be sure to explore the awesomeness that is World Harvest; most diverse and eclectic and amazing food supply store in town, plus the best cheese selection anywhere.
  2. Readers, when commenting please provide a link if possible, either to a website or map, so that our little college/university newbies can find their way.


9 thoughts on “Greetings Tiny Earthlings!

    • Isn’t International Cafe downtown?

      Kojaba is a good one; Parkade Center, off of Business Loop 70.

      • International is downtown…ninth street, I believe.

        Yeah, I had to mention KoJaBa…my wife and I love that place.

  1. Los Cuates on Paris Road. Best Tamales in town at a fantastic price. Grab some flan and Mexican Coke to go with.

    • JjJ, I’d agree with you, except that some of these little out of the way places really struggle to keep their heads above water. There’s nothing I like less than seeing a good restaurant go out of business because people didn’t know it was there.

  2. What about the Chinese restaurant, Q’s? It shares a parking lot with the new Shakespeare’s. Their Grand Peppered Chicken is a favorite of my own kids. We like the moo shi pork and zesty mongolian beef.

    • I’m not a fan of Qs. I’ve been once and found it mediocre at best, and the smell of way-overused cooking oil just saturated the place. I have been to the new place over by the West Broadway Wal-Mart and need to write a blog on it, but I’m going to try it one more time first.

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