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I usually eat lunch at home but I’ve been hearing great things about Pepe’s and hey, they were literally right around the corner from me; about a mile from my house. So I decided it was time to give them a try.

Pepe's truck

At just past 11:30, a crowd was already forming. By the time I got my food, the picnic table was full and there was a long line.

What is Pepe’s? It’s a new food truck which moves around to various locations all over the city each day for lunch service. Food trucks are kind of a trend right now, but they’ve always been around; think fairs and outdoor events and you think a food truck. The new food truck renaissance tends to focus on very fresh, honestly prepared dishes prepared and served simply, often with local and/or seasonal ingredients. Basically, a gourmet flavor experience at an inexpensive price.

And I have to say, Pepe’s delivers on that theme.

Today, for my first time, I wanted to try several things. So I did an adobada taco (seasoned pork), a chicken taco, a cheese and poblano tamale, and a side of pico. I got my tacos on corn tortillas with cilantro, lettuce, cheese and tomato. My total was $5.75 and It took less than 5 minutes to fill my order. Since I was close to home, I promptly decamped.

Here’s what I found when I unwrapped the foil (my plate).

Tamale, chicken taco, adobada taco, tacos with cilantro, tomato, cheese, lettuce

And after I’ve drizzled on the salsa plus added my own version of sour cream (a dollop of plain greek yogurt so I could have the flavor and feel good about it)

With their salsa and my own "sour cream" (2% plain greek yogurt)

So let me talk left to right. The cheese and poblano tamale was quite spicy. I liked the smooth texture and the heat. I think of the three things on my plate it was my least favorite, which could be because the two tacos were just that amazing; they kind of overshadowed the tamale.

I loved both tacos. It was just the right blend of flavors. Not too much of anything. I didn’t even really notice the cheese which was fine; I don’t want or need a huge glob of cheese on everything. I am sure it was some type of Mexican cheese (versus the ubiquitous shredded cheddar we see too often). The corn tortillas were incredible. Obviously freshly made, they had just a tiny hint of almost sweetness to them; not sugar sweet, but the real flavor of good corn coming through. And of course I love fresh cilantro. Their salsa lends a deeper more complex note to the fresh simplicity of the rest of the ingredients.

While I really liked the adobada, I have to say the chicken was probably my favorite. If I had one small issue, it was with the size of the lettuce pieces. They were in big chunks which made them hard to deal with in the taco. Smaller shreds might actually work better here.

I realized after I ate everything that I’d totally forgotten about my pico! So it’s in the fridge awaiting tomorrow’s lunch.

The best way to find Pepe’s is to like their facebook page. They post where their locations are going to be (they’ve posted the entire week for this week). They try to move around to different geographical locations through town. It’s well worth finding them. I can’t wait to try more of their dishes. For those of you who have been, what’s your favorite?

9 thoughts on “Pepe’s Food Truck

    • Michael, for scale, my plate is a small one; these are small tacos. They do have some bigger meals but I didn’t want all that for lunch.

  1. I have gratefully learned about Pepe’s food truck from Scott Rowson’s Show-Me Eats blog, and boy, am I sure glad i found out about them, and sounds as if you’re glad, too! Have only been able to go twice, but both times have been fabulous. First time, I had the adobada naked burrito, and next time I had the cheese and poblano tamale, which may be the best tamale I’ve ever had (love the spice and creaminess), and the shredded beef quesadilla. It also was spicy and I loved it. Their guac and pico are both soooo fresh and delicious. Next time I will be sure to try one (or two or three) of their tacos. The nachos also sound amazing. The only thing I would change is to lower the prices a little and omit the canned soda that comes with every item. I’m not into canned soda pop, so I could do without that, but otherwise, freakin’ fantastic food. Go, Pepe!

    • Scott is where I heard about them as well. I didn’t get soda yesterday. I’ll try a “green” burrito someday; on lettuce.

  2. Robin, did you not get soda simply because you didn’t want it, or because they didn’t offer it to you? It seemed as if all their offerings came with one can of soda, but I could be wrong. Like I said, I could do without it, but if I’m going to pay the full price, I’ll take my soda and give it to someone else… ;-)

  3. I think only the big meals (not tacos or tamales) come with soda. Also, if you want tamales, get there early(ish). I went today around 1 and they were out of all of the tamales.

    This was my second time there. The first time I had one poblano and cheese tamale and a carnitas taco on a flour tortilla w/ sour cream, lettuce, tomato and cilantro. Today I had a chicken taco and a steak taco, both on corn tortillas with onions and cilantro.

    Everything was good both times, although I think I liked my first trip better.

  4. I ordered a carnitas taco with corn tortilla and a side of beans. I usually get the cilantro/onion type but decided for a change to get the version with sour cream and lettuce. The meat was excellent but I guess I missed the onions. I loved the beans and will absolutely go back but will get the more traditional carnitas taco next time. Oh and, we also got a side of salsa and chips. The salsa was quite spicy and nicely flavored; the chips were just standard bagged tortilla chips.

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