Be honest. Am I being too picky?

Dinner this evening at Sophia’s. Server sets down the saucer for the olive oil and bread. She leaves a fingerprint smear of balsamic vinegar on it and instead of cleaning it or replacing the plate, says, “Oh don’t worry about that, it’s just a little balsamic.” Mind you, there’s no balsamic in the Sophia’s dipping oil, it’s just olive oil and pepper (which we had to ask for, she didn’t offer it).

I made her replace the plate. I didn’t want to be looking at her finger smear of balsamic while I was dipping my bread. I could tell she thought I was being ridiculous.

Was I?

9 thoughts on “Be honest. Am I being too picky?

  1. Uhm, eww.

    1) Her finger had balsamic vinegar on it from some other unknown source (someone else’s plate? Pre-service or post-service?)

    2) She put her finger on what was presumably a clean plate that you are supposed to eat off, thus putting germs and schmutz from some other source onto your eating surface.

    I know you take your chances with not knowing the level of cleanliness at a restaurant, but you should be given clean, foreign-object-free plates.

    • Amy, the balsamic was probably from our appetizer plate, but I still found it yucky. And not that I’d want to see it anywhere, I was especially surprised that a server at Sophia’s would not replace the plate without prompting.

  2. I think the server should’ve given you a clean plate, without you telling her to do so. I hope her service was better the rest of the meal.

  3. I personally would have shrugged it off. There’s far worse to worry about.

  4. The plate should’ve been replaced without asking. Graceless service is the norm here (and understandable, given how many servers here are college kids with no real interest in getting it right). But still graceless. Makes you appreciate efficient, professional service all the more – when you can get it.

  5. Of course the plate should have been replaced. There is a big difference between being an “order taker” and a “server” in a restaurant…Columbia has a lot of the former, few of the latter.

  6. Ugh–seriously?!! I’ve mostly received great service from Sophia’s, but there have been a couple times when the service has been so atrocious that I left zero tip–and as a former server, I almost *never* do that. You’re not being picky!

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