>News for the Day

>There’s been quite a bit of speculation – and hope – on the blog for the former Jason’s Frozen Custard location. As much as I wish it was a custard shop and even though of opening my own there, it’s not. It’s not even food related. It’s going to be a cell phone store. Just what we needed, right?

For the five of you that still put up with Buffalo Wild Wing’s high prices and crappy service, you’ll be getting a new location soon in the former Nowell’s story on Grindstone and Providence. Guess they were tired of their tucked away hideaway further down Providence.

>Oh, Jason’s, where are thou

>Jason’s Frozen Custard closed last fall for the season. I thought for sure as soon as spring showed back up it would open again. Still not open. Plus even more scary there’s a For Lease sign still up in front.

Anyone know anything about this? I’ve searched the Web and called the shop and nothing. This pretty weather is making me need my ice cream fix.

>Comings and Goings

>Dunn Bros Coffee is coming to Columbia and will be inhabiting the building that formerly housed TK Brothers. The coffeehouse and roastery will open Nov. 13. Update: Dunn Bros Coffee opening has been pushed back to Nov. 20.

Jason’s Frozen Custard has closed up for the season. A trip there last week greeted me with a sign saying they closed Oct. 28 and would “See you next spring!” No specific re-opening date was listed. Hopefully it will be the very first day of spring because I will certainly miss my peanut butter cup concretes and Eat our Mistakes pints.

>Boo for Fall Hours

>I think it will come as no surprise to anyone here that ice cream is one of my favorite treats. There’s nothing like a peanut butter concrete to cheer myself up after a long, stressful day of work. That’s just what I attempted to do on Monday evening, only to be met with a CLOSED sign at Jason’s Frozen Custard.

Turns out that they have reverted to their fall hours, which includes being closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. What’s the deal? Don’t they know anything about the Monday blues? Now I’ll have to drive across town to cure those blues or settle for Sonic. No thanks.

Jason’s Frozen Custard is just another thing I will miss about summer.

>Vox loves Sparky’s too!

>Last week’s issue of Vox magazine hands out awards to Columbia’s ice cream shops. After Sparky’s overwhelming victory on our blog poll, it comes as no surprise that it took home the award for best flavors. Vox’s recommendation? Carrot cake ice cream. Yum.

Jason’s Frozen Custard Factory won for friendliest staff. I have to agree here. They are always smiling and welcome you. My favorite part? The pup cup. My little english bulldog/lab pup can’t get enough.

One that I’ve failed to try is Walk About Acres, which is apparently featured at the Columbia Farmer’s Market every Saturday. I don’t know how I missed it!

Pick up a copy of Vox on the newstand or check out the story at http://www.voxmagazine.com/stories/2008/07/31/they-all-scream-ice-cream/.

>Custard Wars

>What’s the deal with this town and frozen custard? CoMo apparently loves custard. We have two Shake’s, Culver’s, Randy’s, Andy’s, and Jason’s. And that’s just the frozen custard! Let’s not forget about the dozens of other ice cream places here in Columbia.

I have frequented Shake’s and Andy’s many times to the same yummy results. Their ice cream is thick with a very creamy taste. Add in cookie dough, candy bars, fudget or any other of the addiitonal topping and you have yourself a great little treat.

Last night I tried Jason’s Frozen Custard for the first time. Jason’s is located off Rain Forest Parkway and Rangeline Road. I drive by the place often and it’s rarely busy at least it hasn’t been so far this year. It’s small but welcoming with it’s large old-school sign.

The cup sizes are reasonable-sized and reasonably priced. Plenty of ice cream for the price. The custard – well to me – tastes the same as at every other custard place in this town. Thick and creamy. The toppings were good and plentiful. One particular menu item peaked my interest but I am saving it for another day. It was called the Xtreme Reese and included custard, Reeses peanut butter cups, peanut butter and hot fudge. YUM!

Tell me, which custard place is your favorite and why? Or do you hate custard altogether and steer to the likes of Dairy Queen and Baskin Robbins?